Study of the Economic and Financial Feasibility to create a natural gas filling stations network in Portugal

gnvFigueira de Sousa – Planeamento de Transportes e Mobilidade is currently developing an Economic and Financial Feasibility Study of  the creation of a natural gas filling stations network in Portugal (CNG and / or LNG), including locations Spain, more specifically in the connection sections between Portugal and Spain. The study is based on the evolution of road traffic and the increase in the number of vehicles using natural gas.

For this, the major transport routes in Portugal and Spain were identified, as well as the road sections where traffic concentration is higher, settling future scenarios for the growth of road traffic. Regarding the growth of the use of CNG and LNG in light and heavy vehicles, the recent development trends were analyzed in Portugal and other European Union countries and assumptions were settled for future developments. These assumptions imply the definition of scenarios where different determinants will be tested.

This project is included in the framework of the “CNG/LNG Mob Iberian Network”.

Start: September/2016


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